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Dr. Brian Campbell, PT

Lead Performance Therapist, Founder

Brian is our lead performance physical therapist and founder of Xcel Movement and Performance. His experience has helped hundreds of active people to move better with less pain to get back to their activities and sports. Brian has a passion for making sure his active clients understand every step of the process, from identifying the underlying causes to the reasoning behind each exercise. His goal is to help you achieve your goals while avoiding pain meds, ineffective injections and even surgery in the process. He specializes in helping people who are frustrated by their current care or lack of progress find real results from active activities including work outs, boot camps, and especially endurance sports. Brian is competitive locally in short and mid distance triathlons. You can follow him at @endurancestrong where he helps endurance athletes with the needs and application of strength training. Above all, he enjoys spending time with his family outdoors and on the lake.


Over 50% of our clients come to us after unsuccessful results from traditional orthopedic care.

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