Each session is one-on-one with our physical therapists, no assistants or techs.

Who do we help?

  • Endurance athletes (runners, cyclists and swimmers).
  • Fitness enthusiasts (boot camp, Crossfit, weightlifting and weight loss).
  • Middle and high school students in traditional sports.
  • Pain sufferers frustrated by current care.
  • Individuals seeking specialized post-operative care.

How do we help?

1. Assess & identify biomechanical movements to diagnose underlying cause.
2. Reset proper movement for muscles and joints affected.
3. Reinforce proper movement with progressions at every session.
4. Maintain orthopedic durability with consistent continual care for long term success.

What do we help?

Neck and low back pain
Knee pain
Shoulder pain
Elbow and wrist pain
Ankle and foot pain
Orthopedic post-op rehab
Chronic pain and stiffness

We’re not your traditional sports rehab.

That is why over 50% of our clients seek us out after failed results from traditional orthopedic care.

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Our Techniques Include

  • Advanced Diagnostic using our 3D Movement Analysis to find the true cause of symptoms or problem.
  • Comprehensive soft tissue treatment including dry needling, cupping, IASTM and manual therapy.
  • Specific strength and mobility drills tailored toward each client for faster results and minimal time from work outs and activities.
  • Dedicated time for education and accountability. Our clinicians are more than PTs. We're rehab specialists, movement and strength coaches blended together.
  • Individual programming using our custom app.