Who We Work With:

-Endurance Athletes (runners, cyclists and swimmers)

-Fitness Enthusiasts (bootcamp, crossfit, weightlifting and weight loss)

-Active people dealing with chronic pain and/or failed surgery

-Developing Athletes (middle and high school aged)

-Post-Operative with intention of returning to sport/training



We Specialize in Treating:

Post-Operative Care

Our Philosophy and Process:

We believe that the body has the ability to overcome many different injuries and symptoms by better understanding an individuals biomechanics and movement strategies. Simply, if we can help you move better, then we can overcome pain and stiffness successfully.


XMP 4 Step Process

Assess and Identify Biomechanical Cause

Reset Normal Joint Movement

Re-Engage Activity Level and Intensities

Sustain Long Term Injury Prevention


Why People Choose Us:

Our clinicians are a hybrid of sports rehab specialists/strength coaches.

Traditional rehab doesn't support the physiological demands athletes and active people need to confidently go back to their sports or activities.

Our programs are tailored specifically to the client and their goals with technology driven data to support their progress.

Over 50% of our clients seeked us out after unsuccessful results from traditional care.

We are athletes and demand the most from our bodies, just like our clients who trust us with their care.

How We Work with Insurance:

We happily accept all insurances as an out-of-network provider. This allows us to deliver the quality of care and success our clients demand from us.

We obtain eligibility and benefit information prior to start of program if desired to give you an estimated cost. We file all claims on behalf of our clients. Check out the video for more information.

We do accept federal plans including medicare as a participating provider for active adults.

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