Membership Benefits

Care designed for your goals, not on your insurance policy

Our relationship is directly with you so we prioritze our assessment and programs based on your individual goals and needs. Not on how many sessions or what types of treatment your insurance policy covers.

One on one individualized care for the entire session with your specialist

Traditional rehab care can feel like a factory when you only get 15 mins with the clinician or forced to split your session with 2 or 3 other people. Our model allows you to spend the ENTIRE session with your specialist each visit.

We don't just treat your symptoms, we find a solution to the underlying problem.

Our clinical experience, biomechanical approach and progressive technology get faster results with more accurate diagnosis. With this data we create solutions eliminating even chronic pain and injuries.

More affordable and valuable than traditional rehab care.

Our transparent membership pricing gives you confidence to more comprehensive, customized care at affordable costs. You won't be billed later for what your insurance "didn't cover" and able to get back to your sports and activities in half the time of traditional care.

Membership Includes:


1 mobility session up to 30 mins ($100 value)

Discounted Additional Sessions:

$59 for additional 30 min mobility sessions ($100 non-member price)

$99 for whole body 60 min mobility sessions ($175 non-member price)

$99 for sports rehab or performance session ($195 non-member price)

Access to XMP Move

COMING APRIL 2019 Our new online resource with even more video tips, instructionals, and mobility protocols ($19/month value)

Priority scheduling within 24 hours, including online booking

Early bird access to XMP events, products and partner discounts!



*New clients are required to perform initial assessment session prior to be eligible for membership pricing.

*Membership sessions utilized can be submitted to insurance as out of network physical therapy care.

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